Design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic floor and wall tiles.
Azulejos Alcor 1, S.L., a company founded in 1962, wishes to communicate to all members of the company the quality policy that should prevail. This policy is basically summarised in three words and concepts that should accompany us in our daily work:

The main objective of Azulejos Alcor 1, S.L. must be the satisfaction of the client, committing itself to obtain the maximum level of quality with the commitment of all the interested parts, offering this way to our clients a total guarantee of quality and service. Striving for continuous improvement.

All our attention to our customers.

With everyone's effort we will achieve our great objective: total quality guarantee at the lowest possible cost, using the highest industrial technology in the design and manufacture of new materials with which to create each season's ceramic collections. Only in this way will we be able to create high quality products that are at the forefront of market trends.

Involve and commit all the staff to get them involved in our project, as well as their training, motivation and communication.

To do this it is essential to continue with the objective of doing things right the first time.

To ensure with our effort the elimination of defects in production and expedition.

At an internal level, to promote in short the conditions that lead to the improvement of quality in our products and provide customer satisfaction and generate their loyalty, which is fundamental for the future of the company.

The future of the company lies in satisfying the customer and obtaining good results. (Continuous improvement of the quality system)

We are the key to the success of our company.

General Manager
L'Alcora, February 2020
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